Champion of the World

Champion of the World

June 13, 2013

Sky Nielsen is more than just your typical musician. Savvy in the fields of production and brand-development, the LA-based multi-instrumentalist/producer mastered his chops with his own band Oh No Not Stereo, since 2003, and is now embarking on a solo mission; the band name being a sibling-rivalry pun, aimed at his two older competitive brothers.

In 2010, Sky founded JellyfishPR Inc., a full-service strategic branding and identity management agency, who creates and executes customized marketing plans, specializing in strategic marketing, graphic/web design, audio/video production, publicity/PR, and advertising. A partial list of their 100+ clients includes: The Viper Room, Adidas, Comcast, and O.N.E. Coconut Water.

Sky also serves as CEO of Fedit Interactive, an interactive web-based video software that enables remote viewers to create their own “fan-edits” of live performances in real-time, by selecting camera views via multiple video thumbnails, which they can keep and share.

Look for Champion of the World’s debut album ‘Timing’, in Fall 2013.

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