So Say We All

So Say We All

June 12, 2013

Sci-Fi enthusiasts will recognize the moniker from the series Battlestar Galactica, starring Edward James Olmos, who is credited for ad libbing the phrase, “So Say We All.” It is used as an affirmation of agreement, an “amen” of sorts. But what does space opera have to do with this band from Moriarty, NM? Well, if you can take the feeling you got when you first saw Luke Skywalker look longingly into the Tatooine sunset and pack it into an album, The Watchmaker’s Children, So Say We All’s debut album, does just that. This blend of space rock and thunderous grooves is what Optimus Prime would work out to before a death match with Voltron. Though it’ll get you pumped, their tunes are a far cry from what the meatheads at the gym are grunting along to between reps.  Intertwining questions of spirituality and creationism, referencing William Paley’s Watchmaker analogy as a theme for their album, and strategically composing atmospheric interludes, thoughtful poetry, and chords with as many colors ans the sun setting over the mesa, it is clear that this faith-based group is no stranger to the enchanting beauty of New Mexico. With such a crosshatching of culture, the information age, theology, on a canvas of punk sentiment, they paint fresh musical compositions with the expertise of Jonathan Anderson (vocals, guitar), Shawn Berkompas (bass), Brandon Holt (drums), and Amy Keyohara (synth, vocals).

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